How to plan for your remodel with J.R. SCOTT construction, Inc.

Congratulations! You’ve decided to remodel your home, perhaps your kitchen or bath. J.R. SCOTT construction, inc. offers the following guidelines to assist you through the remodeling process:

Where to begin

Collect magazine photos and articles that reflect your personal style and taste; note what you particularly like about a kitchen layout or bathroom feature; the more we know wbout your preferences, the better we will be able to fulfill your dreams

Call a family meeting; ask everyone what they’d like to have included in the remodel. While not all wishes can be granted, as many as feasible within your budget will be taken into consideration

Establish a reasonable budget; include in this analysis what your home will be worth after the remodel. A remodel is an investment in the future financial security of your family.

Give us a call or use our online form

Our initial meeting

During our initial complimentary meeting at your home, we will discuss your project, measure your rooms, inquire how you want to use your new space.

After listening to your ideas, we will give you a ballpark estimate.

If the ballpark estimate is within your established budget, we will proceed to a design contract.

Once the design and scope of work meets your approval, we proceed to the construction contract.

Preparing for the remodeling process

If you are undertaking a kitchen remodel, choose a place in your home to set up a makeshift kitchen. We will move your refrigerator and microwave oven. Select a bathroom or laundry room for your water source for cleaning dishes. Pack the majority of your dishes, pots and pans. Keep a small supply of cups, glasses, bowls unpacked. Stock up on paper plates; you’ll be glad you did.

If you are undertaking a kitchen remodel, prepare microwavable meals ahead of time and freeze them.

Budget for more meals eaten out; it will help you cope being without a working kitchen.

If undertaking a bath remodel, and the family needs to share one bath for the duration, create a schedule for use: It’s Mom time from 6 am to 6:30; Dad from…. etc.

For a bath remodel, invest in plastic stackable tubs for holding personal hygiene items. By keeping everyone’s toothbrushes, hair brushes, make-up and other supplies in their right place, efficiency will improve, as well as messes.

For a bath remodel, consider a collapsible clothing rack to hold the extra wet towels that will be generated for that bathroom. The rack can be set inside the shower or tub when not in use. An alternate solution is to throw the wet towels into the dryer each day until it is time to replace the towels with clean ones.

Give thought to your pets’ safety and security. If your situation is one that your pets don’t have full access to the outside on their own, they will need to be secured in order to prevent them slipping past workers coming and going.

Remove any valuable, fragile items from the work area. Although we take great care in controlling dust, by moving your valuables to another area of the house, you’ll rest easier.

The construction phase

You are introduced to our team, including any sub-contractors we may engage.

You will be assigned a lead contractor (supervisor) who will serve as your prime point of contact. Feel free to ask this person any questions you may have or voice any concerns that may crop up.

We will do a thorough sweep up each day after work is done. When the complete project is finished, we provide a commercial cleaning service.

As the project comes to an end, we will conduct a “walk-through” to determine that you are satisfied with all aspects of the project. Should there be any items on the “punch-list” they will be remedied.

Post-construction phase

If, after we have completed your project, you find any problems with the workmanship or any warranted appliances, give us a call. We also ask that you take our post-project survey so that we may continually improve our process.